Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital

What is it?

Established by EAD in 1999, the Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital (ADFH) is the world’s leading institution for avian medicine and research – treating and assessing more than 11,000 birds every year. ADFH also manages the Abu Dhabi Animal Shelter, housing hundreds of pets each year.
In 2007, ADFH opened its doors to an award-winning tourism programme and has now become a major tourist attraction in Abu Dhabi.


What is there to see/do?

During the two-hour tour, you can meet majestic falcons and learn about the history of falconry as well as the life of falcons in modern times. You can also hold a falcon and visit a free-flight aviary to see them.


When is it open?

The tours run from Sunday to Thursday at 10:00am and 2:00pm. All tours need to booked in advance.


How much does the tour cost? 

AED 170.


How can I get there?

They are located around 6km away from Abu Dhabi International Airport.


Is it family-friendly?

Yes! ADFH is a great place to bring your family and learn about falcons and falconry in the UAE.