Mangrove National Park

What is it?

Mangroves are groups of trees and shrubs that grow in the water, creating a habitat for biodiversity – and protecting against tidal surges, purifying surrounding water and removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. This is one of Abu Dhabi's key ecological assets and part of our Sheikh Zayed Protected Areas Network .

What is there to see/do?

You can see a vast forest of lush, green trees with intricate roots and a water channel snaking through the middle – plus hundreds of bird and plant species including the greater flamingo, western reef heron and mottled crab. For a unique view, head to a high floor of one of the nearby hotels to see the true scale of the forest. It's even possible to get up close by taking a two-hour kayak tour through the middle of the trees.

When is it open?

The mangroves are there 24 hours a day, seven days a week and they are easy to see during daylight hours. 

How much does it cost to get in?

The mangroves are totally free to look at, but private operators do charge for excursions at the Anantara Eastern Mangroves Hotel . A two-hour kayak tour costs approximately AED160 at the time of publishing.

How can I get there?

The Mangrove National Park is just on the edge of the city. Head to Anantara Eastern Mangroves hotel for a range of activities set up by tour operators . 


Is it family-friendly?

Taking a boat cruise is a great way to teach the little ones about the biodiversity around us.

Make sure to put on plenty of sunscreen and stay hydrated, as some of the boat trips on offer can last for several hours.